Photo: Marc Andreo, Ivy & Ellis | https://ivyandellis.com/

Photo: Marc Andreo, Ivy & Ellis | https://ivyandellis.com/


Anna Larranaga is an actor, improviser, and writer based in Minneapolis, MN. She is a founding editor of The Nordly, a satire website with a focus on the upper Midwest.

Anna is also a writer and correspondent for Minnesota Tonight, a monthly news satire show focused on Minnesota issues and policy at the Brave New Workshop in downtown Minneapolis.

She has performed onstage with Lyric Arts, Actor's Theater of Minnesota, Rinky Dink Operations, Sidekick Theatre, Sheep Theatre, Chameleon Theatre Circle, The Black Hills Playhouse, and with Minnesota State University's Straw Hat Players.

Anna has studied studied improv at The Upright Citizens Brigade New York and at HUGE Improv Theatre in Minneapolis. As an improviser, she has played with The Bearded Company and Manners and Misconduct: Improvised Jane Austen.

Anna is represented by NUTS ltd. and Moore Creative Talent.